Violet Wood Rigoutat with Gold Plated Keys

This is a sensational instrument. Specially commissioned from Rigoutat by a collector in 1992, it has only been lightly used and is in pristine condition. I’ve just finished a comprehensive service, so this sweet sounding, free blowing oboe is singing beautifully.

It’s a full Gillet system conservatoire pro model with left hand F and C sharp. The gold plated keys look spectacular against the violet wood. There are no cracks and the wood has been thoroughly oiled for maximum protection. Priced at around half of what it would cost new today, this is an opportunity to own a unique, fully professional oboe without paying full price for a new instrument.

Tenoroons: the Mini/Junior Debate.

“The main benefit to the tenoroon and mini bassoon is that people who want to play the bassoon can start younger,” says Catherine Millar, Head of Woodwind for Berkshire Maestros. “This means we don’t lose players to the other instruments quite so readily. If an 8 year old sees an … Continue reading

Making a Noise! Celia Craig’s perspective on the problem for double reeds

howarth teddy

Wanting to build your double reed department? Read this first. “Making A Noise..about the instruments that deserve to be heard…” Geoff Coates, Music Teacher magazine UK Aug 2010 There are not enough people playing oboe and bassoon worldwide. Not enough people start at school and nearly all schools struggle to … Continue reading