Complete and Utter Mayhem

It was a pleasure to attend the NSW ADRS event “Mayhem” at Sydney Grammar School again this year. If you consider the small number of double reed players compared to other instruments, it’s a real credit to the ADRS that events like this are so successful and well attended. I travel to this event every year with a swag of oboes, bassoons, reeds and accessories and it’s always a marvel to see so many double reeders of all ages and stages so enthusiastically participating together.


That for me is the really great thing about this type of event. Young kids just setting out on their musical journey find themselves alongside high school and uni students, adult amateurs of all ages and professional players giving up their Sunday to pass on their knowledge and experience. Sure there’s a fair bit of cacophony, especially in the trade area with many people simultaneously trying instruments. Sure it’s exhausting and hectic and a bit stressful, but it’s also really inspirational.


So thank you Clare Payne and the NSW committee for all your hard work putting on this and other events and inviting me to join in. May the Mayhem continue to be strong!

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