Miriam Butler, bassoonist

Very excited to introduce the latest member of the team bassoonist Miriam Butler. Miriam has just returned to Australia after a distinguished orchestral & teaching career in Europe. She is a fabulous player and has a tremendous knowledge of all things bassoon. Need some more advice or teaching? You can … Continue reading

Resources for Junior Oboe and Tenoroon players

Here’s a number of books that teachers have recommended to us- specifically aimed at younger double reed learners. “Accelerando” An Introduction to the Oboe for Primary School Children by Birgit Heller-Meisenburg. German/English, a fun book, ideal for younger Australian learners (conservatoire method) Available through Howarth of London: AnselmaMusic.com has many … Continue reading

Tenoroons: the Mini/Junior Debate.

“The main benefit to the tenoroon and mini bassoon is that people who want to play the bassoon can start younger,” says Catherine Millar, Head of Woodwind for Berkshire Maestros. “This means we don’t lose players to the other instruments quite so readily. If an 8 year old sees an … Continue reading

Making a Noise! Celia Craig’s perspective on the problem for double reeds

howarth teddy

Wanting to build your double reed department? Read this first. “Making A Noise..about the instruments that deserve to be heard…” Geoff Coates, Music Teacher magazine UK Aug 2010 There are not enough people playing oboe and bassoon worldwide. Not enough people start at school and nearly all schools struggle to … Continue reading