Wrist Update

So for those who haven’t heard, I broke my wrist on the baseball field just before Christmas. The radius is broken through just below the wrist and the ulna has a piece chipped off from the socket at the end of the bone. Yeah – so it’s a pretty serious injury.

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As you can see from the X-rays, they fixed it all together with a plate and screws. (Looks a bit rough and ready to me. I reckon my repair work’s a lot neater and more accurate but hey – I don’t know anything about repairing bones!) This means I can wear a splint that’s easy to take off instead of a cast, for which I am extremely grateful.

I was hoping to be back at my bench catching up the backlog of repairs by now, but it’s far too painful and restricted. I saw the surgeon yesterday, who said that he’s happy with the way it’s healing but it’s going to be a few more weeks until I can get back to work. So I’m not booking in new repairs at the moment. If you have any urgent problems, let me know and I can refer you to someone. In the meantime, like my Facebook page to get further updates along with woodwind related news and articles. Right now, I’m hoping to be back at my bench around mid February.

Sales of instruments and accessories are still going ahead as normal. I have lots of bassoons and mini bassoons coming in over the next few weeks. I have good stock of Howarth student oboes and Celia has just picked out a bunch of fantastic new Howarth LXV oboes at the Howarth shop in London. She had lots of instruments to choose from and she’s very excited about the quality of this latest batch. She’s back on the 24th of January (so I’ll have to start shaving again on the 23rd – lol).

Thanks to everyone for your words of support and concern over the last few weeks. Hopefully I’ll be back in action soon.

Cheers – Richard

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