Saxophone Repairs

Here is a guide to the different saxophone repair and maintenance services I offer. I charge by the hour rather than offering fixed rates as I have found that this is a fairer and more economical system. I will always give you an accurate estimate when I have seen the instrument, before commencing work. Phone or email me for further details or an estimate.

General Repairs and Maintenance

Minor Service: Brush off dust, clean tenons, replace 2-3 pads, recork keys as required, general clean up, oil and regulate, test play.
General Service: Remove all keywork, clean up keys and body, remove old oil from keywork, clean octave pipes, repair tone holes and replace 4-8 pads as required, recork keys and tenons as required, straighten any bent keys, remove excess play in keywork, oil and regulate, test play.
Full Overhaul: As for general service, plus completely dismantle instrument, hand polish keys and body, replace all pads and recork all keys.

Miscellaneous Services

Broken Keys: Clean up the broken surface, carefully align and silver solder. The solder joint is then filed, sanded and polished so that in most cases the repair is invisible.
Tuning: Tuning work is always done with the customer testing as I work. A combination of adjusting pad clearances and hole sizes improves the intonation a great deal.

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