Fox 242D

The Renard Model 242D (short bore) features a tone quality that is more “open” than the long bore. It is voiced to permit the performer to open up and “sing” in solo register, and its tone quality lends itself to solo performance.

It is flexible, free and easy to play. It is ideal for players in high school through college, serious amateurs and hobbyists. This instrument came to us as a special once-off, so enquire today to avoid missing out.

  • Maple body, selected for durability
  • Short bore
  • Silver-plated mechanism
  • High D key
  • 4 rollers: F, Ab, Db, Eb
  • Left hand whisper key lock
  • Metal finger hole linings on wing joint
  • Includes two handmade crooks (numbers 2 and 3)
  • Neck strap and maintenance accessories included
  • Supplied in a luxury backpack case

Price: AUD $11000

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