d’Almaine Clarinet

Clarinet in B flat, boxwood with ivory rings and five brass keys. Stamped “Dalmaine & Co. Late, Goulding & Dalmaine, Soho Square, London”, which dates the instrument to 1834-1858. However, the simple five key design would suggest a date of manufacture earlier than about 1820. The firm had a long association with the Wood family, particularly James Wood (active c.1799-1832), and it’s likely that he is the maker. The wood, ivory and keyword are all in excellent condition. The mouthpiece in its current state is probably not useable, but with new pads and a reproduction mouthpiece, the clarinet will be very playable.

From The New Langwill Index (Waterhouse): 1848, “a wholesale warehouse and extensive warerooms containing Wood, Brass and every kind of Musical Instrument, manufactured by artisans of superior skill and experience”.

Price as seen $4900

Part of the Stockigt collection

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