Clarinet in B flat by John Pask, London

Stamped 48 Strand London, which dates the instrument to 1842-47. 13 keys, each individually hallmarked sterling silver. Three keys are missing or broken and the top has been broken off the mouthpiece. It is therefore unplayable in its present condition but could be restored after quite intensive work. The body and remaining keys are in excellent condition with no sign of any cracking or warping. The rings are of ivory and are also in near perfect condition. This clarinet has a presentation shield, also in silver, dating from 1856.

From The New Langwill Index (Waterhouse): “Punch describes ‘the window of Mr Pask, the musician, wherein, amidst a crowd of horns and trumpets, Taglioni may be seen…’” Address: 1841: John Pask, 48 Strand, 1842-47.

Price as seen $2500

Part of the Stockigt collection

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