Rare! Orchestral Pair of Clarinets by E.J. Albert, Brussels

His workshop was established in 1895 and continued after his death in 1931. They were distributed by ‘LaFleur’ in London. Clarinet in A Serial No 11005, clarinet in Bb Serial No 10977. The wood is a lighter colour than blackwood and is probably cocus, possibly rosewood. 14 unplated nickel silver keys. High pitch. The keywork and wood are in superb condition and the clarinets are playable but need some restoration work to be at their best. The wooden mouthpiece, also stamped “E.J. Albert”, is in good condition and useable. One ring on the barrel of the A clarinet is missing. Very unusual to find a matching pair of orchestral clarinets from this period, still together and playable.

Price as seen $1250

Part of the Stockigt collection

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