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After a long association, I am now Howarth of London’s exclusive agent in Australia. I started working for Howarth in 1989 as a technician in their London workshop, then for the factory, finishing new instruments. When I returned to Australia in 2006, they asked me to sell Howarth instruments here. All Howarth instruments that I sell come from their London shop, having been through a rigorous quality control process, and are supplied in quality English made cases. I then recheck, oil the bore and set them up when they arrive in Australia. I personally guarantee them, and all warranty work is done here in Australia by myself.

Introducing… The Howarth XM and LXV Oboes

“A new sound for Howarth…”

Howarth of London are proud to introduce the Howarth XM and LXV oboes; prestige models with a brand new sound and response which fulfil the demands and expectations of the world’s finest players. Carefully designed for the exacting demands of professional performers, taking into consideration the desired sound and response, the LXV is the newest oboe in the range and combines the thicker walls of the XL with the smaller bore of the XM to give an instrument with powerful projection and a continental dark sound. Read more…

Are you interested in buying an oboe, need advice or want to learn more? I am happy to answer your questions via phone or email.

Howarth Prices

Junior Oboe Modified keywork for young players age 7-9, up to grade 3 $2400 Junior brochure
S20c Oboe Howarth’s ever popular student model, up to grade 6-7 $4600 S20/S40 brochure
S40c Oboe Graduate model, up to music college level $5900 S20/S40 brochure
S50c Oboe Full Gillet system professional model at a stunning price $7900 S50 brochure
XM/LXV Oboe Brand new design and sound: Prestige models, also avail. in cocobolo (+$1000) $12500 XM brochure
S20 Cor Anglais  Entry level Cor Anglais, excellent value $7900 contact
S40c Cor Anglais Ideal for students and youth orchestras $9500 S40cor brochure
XL Cor Anglais Prestige model, also avail. in cocobolo (+$1000) $13500 contact
XL Oboe d’Amore Prestige model $13500 contact

Howarth Junior Oboe

“Our own daughter now owns a Howarth Junior oboe. We are thrilled with the quality of this instrument and that it gave her the opportunity to get enthusiastic about oboe playing at such an early age without compromising the quality of the tone.” – Selena Orwin, Principal Bassoon, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra


Howarth Junior Oboe

Howarth Junior Oboe

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