Secondhand Instrument Sales

Howarth S50c full Gillet conservatoire system

Secondhand Howarth S50c entry level professional conservatoire oboe. Fully serviced and guaranteed for six months. Bushed trill holes due to previous crack repair. Completely airtight. Plays well. Price $4600

Howarth S55 Dual System Oboe

This is a full Gillet conservatoire system oboe with thumb plate added. It’s in excellent condition with no cracks. Plating is close to perfect except for the thumb plate. Current status- on hire more

Professional model Rigoutat oboe

Full conservatoire system Rigoutat oboe with LHF and third octave. Made in 1976, no cracks, well used but silver plating in excellent condition. Full restoration by Richard Craig with refaced tone holes, sleeved middle tenon, all new pads and corks. Six month guarantee $5000Rigoutatsale

Selmer Model 26 Soprano Saxophone

This instrument has been completely overhauled with all new pads and resurfaced tone holes. It’s an absolute joy to play, with that creamy, authentic vintage sound, which is closer to Adolphe Sax’s concept than the modern saxophone. more

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