These are some of the things that customers in Australia and the UK have said about my work . . .

“Richard’s experience and knowledge is evident in his extremely high quality work that he has done over the past year on my instruments. As a professional musician, having someone as outstanding as Richard to look after your instrument repairs is invaluable.”

David RowdenClarinet and Artistic DirectorSydney Omega Ensemble

“I’ve always found Richard’s work to be meticulous, thorough and fairly priced. You are aware from your first dealings with him that your instrument is in the hands of a phenomenally experienced repairer who will listen to your requirements and then act on them. His advice to me in the past has been invaluable.”

Maxwell SpiersCor AnglaisRoyal Ballet Sinfonia

“Thank you for your work on my bassoon. It certainly plays much more easily now than it has for as long as I can remember. … I can now sound the highest c, d and e flat without any trouble at all!”

Michael Julian Lew

“Oboe arrived today. It is indeed a first class instrument in every respect! Thank you.”

Peter Hurd

“Richard has always provided a fast, efficient, reliable and thoroughly competent repair service for all my clarinets.”

Peter DaviesSub-Principal ClarinetBBC Symphony Orchestra

“Thank you again for a most easy purchase of a couple of dynamite instruments… What wonderful instruments. And what wonderful maintenance they have received. They play wonderfully and they play like new. The English horn is better than either of my present horns, and this even with the low Bb extension. Thank you for making this such an easy purchase.”

Robert Howe

“Richard’s overhaul on my clarinets was so thorough and expert that they really did respond very much better afterwards. His willingness to change any small detail when I picked them up to play and to advise me on their upkeep was most welcome. I can thoroughly recommend his services to any woodwind player who wants the very best from their instruments!”

Richard HosfordPrincipal ClarinetBBC Symphony Orchestra, Nash Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra of Europe

Richard’s woodwind repair work continues to be outstanding. Once again he has resurrected my old and tired Cor Anglais to a point where it feels almost new again. Precision re-corking, adjustments, thorough cleaning etc etc, it’s real quality work. Thank you.

Peter Duggan

“Full overhaul of old Puchner Bassoon, including a rotten boot joint and complete pad replacement. Excellent work, on time and with solid communication – very happy, thanks Richard!”

Matthew Angus

“Thank you both so much for getting this instrument for me! It arrived this morning and it is unbelievably good. Gorgeous, and it likes my reed, and it doesn’t wobble on 2nd octave F-sharp on my reed! The sound is much less muted than my old oboe. The upper register actually projects and it seems to take the air very easily in the high registers! You have made my year.


Thanks again, I’ll be suggesting you guys and the Howarth instruments to anyone who asks. This is my first Howarth oboe and it is sensational, very in tune and very easy to project high notes out of. The keywork is very ergonomic. I love it.”

Shannon Laycock


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