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I am now the exclusive agent for Moosmann bassoons in Australia and am happy to be able to present a new exclusive model to the Australian market: Moosmann Academy.

These new student models are made especially for us by the Moosmann factory at a wonderful price, supplied in quality backpack ProTec cases. A real alternative NEW to Australia only through Richard Craig.

The Moosmann ethos is a powerful combination of traditional attention to detail and modern technology, and his bassoons are enjoying worldwide popularity.

Exceptionally airtight and free-blowing, Moosmann bassoons produce a big, rich sound with an ease of playing that makes them ideal instruments for the student and professional player.

Every instrument I sell has been checked and set up to professional standards by myself. I do any guarantee work here in my own workshop, making my after sales service the best in Australia.

“I have owned  Moosmann bassoons throughout my professional career. They have wonderful resonance and can sing across an orchestra with ease.  I would  recommend one of these beautifully crafted instruments to anyone who desires a warm rich tone and singing upper register. In addition, the  small-hands instrument is far superior to many other instruments suitable for beginners and I encourage more people to try them.” Selena Orwin, Principal Bassoon, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra


Are you interested in buying a bassoon, need advice or want to learn more? I am happy to answer your questions via phone or email.


Fox 222D Durable wooden body, Long bore design, Rollers on F, Ab, Eb, and Db, Two bocals included, Nickel silver keys with silver plating (only one available – be quick) $10200
Academy Short Reach With elongated keys for small hands $8900
Academy Exclusive student model – maple body, silver plated keys $9900
Performer Intermediate model – high E, left hand E flat, double low C touch $13900
200 “Soloist” professional model – 27 keys, 9 rollers $19900
222 Prestige professional model – 28 keys, 13 rollers $29500
222E Top of the range with the works – 29 keys, 13 rollers $35500
298 Conservatory contra bassoon to low C POA
300 Professional model contra to low B flat POA


Model 96 bassoon with modified keys for small hands

Model 96 bassoon with modified keys for small hands

 Moosmann Performer

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