A. Abbate Cor Anglais

Original Cor Anglais in cocuswood (?) stamped ‘A. Abbate e figlio Napoli’ dating from c. 1890. This instrument has been overhauled previously by Richard Craig and is currently in playing condition. Work included renewed corks and pads where necessary, new tenon corks. More work could be done on unplated silver keys now tarnished and on renewing some pads but the instrument plays reliably and sounds good with a mellow tone. Large bell helps with the sound. Keywork is original, simple octaves, lever to low B, LH Eb and side F. Supplied with two crooks, not original. Plays at A440 with this set up, however altering the playing pitch would be very easy with additional crooks to suit.

Price $4000 (also available for hire)

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